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Saya mau masuk itu gua!

I am so so so very glad that the lil guy is enjoying his new school so much. The first 2-3 weeks was a pain coz he kept crying and whining when I woke him up every morning. He hated that we sent him to a different school from last year, hated the longer schooling hours, hated that he had to come home with the arranged transport and not his parents. Pendek kata, banyak la benda yang dia tak suka.

But that's normal lah kan. By the time they wanna adapt to the teachers, friends and the school rules etc. Now he's having much fun at school and will come home telling me all sorts of stories happening at the school each day.

All pictures are from his school's FB fanpage
But I'm feeling kinda melancholic to see my baby boy has grown up into a fine young man. He is no longer a baby, and he's beginning to see that there's more to this world than staying under mama's ketiak

That day, he came home telling me cikgu asked "Siapa kawan baik kamu?". I was soooo excited to know who he said his best friend was, thinking that IT HAD TO BE WHO ELSE BUT ME! Butttttt...He nonchalantly told me "Irfan cakap kawan baik saya ialah Azzikri". I  was crushed to hear that! "But I thought I AM your best friend???". He replied with a cheerful, innocent face "No lah mama, you are my mother. Azzikri is my best friend. But I still love you. BECAUSE YOU ARE MY MOTHER".

Uwaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! Dia xmau best friend dengan mak dia dah! I am so brokenhearted. Now where are you when I need you batu belahhhhh batu bertangkupppppp???



  1. hahaha. "Mama..irfan nak kawen la. Mama tlg pinang calon menantu mama ye.."

    terus DramaMama pengsan

  2. hehe definitely a Drama Mama! But I would have reacted the same, although lil Haraz is still too young to have best friends.

    Come and stop by our place :)

  3. hahahaha..depa ni memang..dah jumpa kawan lupa kat mama dahh



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