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The New Responsible ME!

Or shall I say the new STINGY me!?!?

Gosh, I hate the new me. Like seriously. I'm being so calculative when it comes to spending money now. And the big guy is to be blamed for this new development in me!

Well, you see all these while whenever I need or WANT something I would just simply ask from him. He would fork out the money when he has it, or just say no when he hasn't. But then recently some 'brilliant' idea came to his mind about letting me manage the groceries money.At first, I refused it flat because I don't think I would be able to manage it wisely. But then he added an interesting term to it : WHATEVER MONEY I CAN SAVE, IT GOES TO MY POCKET!

Oh well, what do you think? Surely that got me agreed to it without a second thought. Little did I realized that this new responsibility would change me inside out!

The first few weeks, I was excited thinking that I wanna save as much as I could so I could spend the saving on the kids later. But as weeks passed by, I know that it's almost impossible to do so. Whatever stash of money I receive for the monthly groceries expenditures are all spend on just that, GROCERIES for the month. Sometimes if I'm lucky I would have a couple of RM saved, but some emergencies would come up requiring me to spend it all until my pocket is all empty.

Worse is, whenever the lil guy ask for something, I would have to be cold hearted and say NO you can't have it! Because the money I have in hands won't allow me to spend excessively like I used to. I'm pretty sure the big guy have the extra money stash somewhere in his bank account, coz we definitely were able to spend more than we do now when he was in charge of it! So now he's being the 'good cop', lavishing the lil guy with whatever snacks he wants to have at the petrol station mart, while I'm the 'bad cop' having to say NO to him whenever he asks for it.

And just yesterday, the big buy told me that Zalora is having a huge clearance sale or something on their web and when I took a look at it, there's so many things I would love to get. But sadly, the voice inside my head keeps telling me: No, don't buy. You don't need it and you should save the money for something more necessary.

Omigosh! Who is this new me? I don't like her one bit!



  1. Hihi..its ok...nanti if dah buat enough saving can spend a lots to buy what u want oso

  2. hahhahah sama la skang i pon kedekut..



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