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Muka yang sebesar pinggan itu

Yesterday the lil bro was so cranky at home. The big guy went to his friend's kenduri and the moment he came back, we decided to bring the cranky baby out for some fresh air. Lil Guy kena tinggal with maktok because he needed to complete his homework.

The whole time at the park we can't keep our minds off the lil guy. Kesian pulak kena tinggal. But every time keluar nak berangkut semua, macam penat jugak kan. How do you mommies with anak berderet do it eh? Tak penat ka???

Btw, when the big guy took this pic of me yesterday, he said badan dah NAMPAK kurus. But muka besaq pinggan.  GRRRRRR!!!! Ok, fine I admit I look like a have a very chubby face complete with double chin and all here. But besaq pinggan, seriously?

I wonder if he has taken a look in the mirror lately? :-p

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