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Telinga berasap!

Yerp...thanks to Art Attack, he is getting more and more creative as days passed by. Today he felt like building a dinosaur using what rubbish he could find around the house. Of course I simply let him do what he wants coz I want to nurture his creativity from an early start.

Tapi yang buat haku berasap telinga. dia pi cabut bulu2 kat tepi tikaq tu nak buat rambut dinosaur. Tak hangin ka? Tak hangiiinnn???!?!?!? Rasa nak bertempik macam gorilla ja bila nampak tadi!

*take a deep breath..inhaleeeee...exhaleeeee*

Oh well, come to think of it, he's just providing a purrrrfect excuse for me to request a new bamboo mat from his daddy. So I guess I shall laugh out loud instead of getting mad at this little rascal. *EVIL GRIN*. Muahahaha!


  1. yeay..mama dia leh mintak tikaq or carpet baru...

  2. hahahaha..pastu buat muke x bersalah..memang geramm je kan



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