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A sad story...

Teasing the lil guy ( should start calling him Big Bro already) is the most fulfilling thing to do for me nowadays. I get especially giddy with excitement when I see him gets all teary-eyed when I talk about me dying. Haha!

So this morning, I was in my playful mood. 

He asked me : "Mama, why is your eyes all red?" I told him I guess it's because I am really, really sick and perhaps my 'time' has come. How I really couldn't stand this pain and I think I won't survive that long. And then I went on about how I hope he would doa for me everyday after I die and such. Well, to live up to my drama title, I really put in my best effort to make tears came to his eyes.

But this time, he didn't seem to be moved by the usual talk. I was disappointed. Awat tak nangis ni???? Tak sedih ka kalau mama meninggal?

Then a brilliant idea struck me! I went a step further to get him to cry his heart out. I told him that when I'm gone, his dad will get him a new mom. A mom who will cook everything extra spicy for him and make him eat CABAI! 

Aaaaand that finally got him all scared and the tears came like waterfall! 


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