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Paksaan tidak berguna, you gotta use tricks on this boy!

My lil guy had never been a fatty bam bam baby nor is he a fat kid. At times, I do think he is too skinny for his own good. But I guess it's all in his father's gene coz the big guy too was a scrawny little fellow when he was little. Nasib tak ikut mak dia sangat obese masa kecik haha!

However, at times I get so happy to see him gain a little and not being too skinny as he is now. Problem is, his appetite goes up and down like nobody's business. Sat ok, sat tak. That is why I always have to find ways to make him eat, especially nowadays when I'm in no mood to cook extravagant dishes for him.

So this is what I did for lunch today. It was just a simple nasi goreng with chicken meatballs. But as we had it outside at the balcony, semangat skit dia makan. With the wind whispering softly in our hair, and the leaves sort of waving us to quickly finish our food before it got stolen by the birds. Haha! Imagination runs wild!!! Anyway, he managed to finish one whole plate by himself, alhamdulillah. 

It's an indescribable feeling to see your kid eats like he hasn't eaten for days regardless of what you cook!

P/S : My carpet grass is all dried up. I guess the environment is not conducive to grow grass, so gonna have to change the design to something more practical later.



  1. A'a laa.. Irfan nampak kurus sangat dlm pic ni.. Dia aktif kot eh? Takpe, asal sihat sudah.. Hehe

    1. kannnn! tah la lani kurus melampau.



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