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The handsome young man

Last couple of weeks we went to KL to celebrate my nephew's birthday and my bro and SIL's anniversary. It was fun catching up with the families after quite some time not meeting them,

I wish I could see more of this boy though. He's grown up into such a handsome young man! And so cheeky and adorable too. The lil guy and him didn't get along too well before this because of the age gap. Just as we were about to push off to KL that Friday night, the lil guy looked at me with a worried face and said "We going to KL now? Hmmmm...but KL suka cubit Sungai Ara!". Lol! Very territorial anak haku nih!

But once we arrived, all things forgotten as they both were just too excited meeting each other. Start la melompat berlari sana sini. And I am just too glad that they got along pretty well this time around! Oh, these two has grown up so much compared to the last time they met.

The next time I'm gonna see him will be during Aidilfitri. Can't wait to see the boys turn their grandparents' house upside down! Muahahahhaha!

P/s : Most of our KL trip pics  are lost coz my memory card just went kaput on me! Darnnnnnn!


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