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Beginikah budak zaman sekarang?

Recently, my dad has decided to gather our whole family for usrah every Friday night. Something we used to have at least once a week when we were all younger, but it got forgotten as we all started to have our own family.

It is usually held at my bro's house and the little guy always looked forward to it. Nak main ngn cousins dia la apa lagi kannnn. Anyway, usually after the session ended the house would usually look like it had been hit by a tsunami!

So last week while we were having our supper after the session, my sister took two pieces of a dollar note and said to the kids "Whoever cleaned up all these mess will get money to buy chocolates!" and without much delay anak haku terus la kemas beria kan. Siapa takmau duitttt oiiii!

Later on as I jokingly told dad that sis bribed the kids to clean the house, dad - still in the usrah mode I guess - said to sis in a matter of fact tone : The kids are suci. Money means nothing to them you see.

But ermmmmm...I was thinking to myself at that particular time : that is definitely NOT the case with my kid! You should look at his face when he saw the money in sis hand. You could practically see the dollar symbol in his pupil! Maka persoalannya di sini, adakah minda nya telah dikelabui oleh wang ringgit? Erkkkkk!!!

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