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Of being manipulative

The little guy has this weird habit - or shall I say character - of being too shy whenever someone wants to give him something. He would want them (the things u give him) so bad, yet he would also refuse to take them unless I pushed him to. Then after receiving the stuff, he would not EVER say thank you to the person who gives it. I presume it is out of shyness, and not rudeness. But still!

Like the other day, the uncle who owns a sundry shop at my mom's house gave him an ice cream. I repeatedly told him to say thank you, but he just looked at the uncle and made a shy face. So as we walked home , ice cream in hand, I lectured him on the need to say THANK YOU to people around us when they give/help you with something.

At one point I asked him (the most typical ayat parents  have been using to teach their kids): "Cikgu kan ajaq suruh cakap THANK YOU to people every time they give/ help you to do anything?"

He thought for a while. Then his face light up and he replied excitedly:  "Ohhh mama! Cikgu lupa la nak ajaq say thank you. Nanti Irfan bagitau cikgu suruh ajaq ok!"

Well what else can I say.  Kids nowadays, they consume too much DNA for their own good! >__< "


  1. isk isk isk..auta sejibik like the mother...hehehehehe

  2. hehehe, so cute!...bijak2...hehhe.

  3. hahahahaa
    kids ni mmg pandai! klu cikgu dia cakap sumer nak ikut padahal sebelum ni mak dia dok bebel2 benda yg sama kan...

  4. I'm a bit confused on the last sentance TAPI.. Hahaha.. comey Irfan nak suh Cikgu ajaq kate Thank you heheh..

  5. Hahaha...cikgu lupa nak ajaq ya Irfan..? Memang, budak2 sekarang kreatif sikit percakapan. My nearly 5yo Armand recently when asked why he's so naughty, "sebab ada tikus naughty dalam perut Armand". I tak faham kaitan nya.

  6. hahahahahhahahhahahahahhahahahha xtahannnnnn tp mmg bagus tau dia xamik ape org bagi kire berbudi bahasa lah.. part susah nk ckp tengkiu tu leh hi-five dgn sami lelagik sami takde nk malu2 nye trus amik aje tanpa dipaksa haha

  7. kids these days teaches the teacher! ... hehehe

    Papakeechee ^_^ ...

  8. aqid pun ada 'angin' if he wants to say thanks or salam dgn org.kadang2 i rasa malu pun agak jgk.

  9. yelah kan..budak2 lagi kena di ajar tentang ilmu memberi dan ilmu that dia faham nilai tu dan jadi lebih berani..takpe..nnti dah besar sket..hilanglah malu tu..

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