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The garden progress

My garden has been progressing since the last time i wrote about it in here. After changing my mind like millions of time, I've finally decided on the design that I want for my tiny balcony garden.

I've had my cousin who's a landscape contractor came over a few weeks back to help me with the technical details of building my dream garden. Both he and my aunty has been supplying me with plants as well so I don't really need to worry about  buying plants from nurseries! Jimat duit haku. Hehehe!

I still need time for it to achieve the look that I want, as we're doing most of the stuff DIY. The decking will need time to complete as the big boss is pretty swamped with office work at the moment. The groundcovers I have planted on the 2 inch thick soil will need more time to grow as well. I'm just hoping that they'll completely cover the whole soil area in 2-3 months time. We are also planning to cover one side of the balcony wall with money plants, but I guess that will take a longer time to achieve. I'll post on the progress from time to time so that I can look back and see how much progress I've made.

Oh I soooo can't wait to get my dream green home!


  1. Money plants tu cammane Baizurah? <--Am actually imagining pokok yg kuaq duit coz if ada, I want one too! Hahaha..

  2. bestnya! (coming from someone who still wishes she has time for a lil garden for herself.T_T)

  3. pasnih kan u bleh buat freelance kt umah jiran2 pulak hihihi

  4. waa bestnye..i wish i have time buat kat tanah i kat depan umah ni..kecik je tanah tp now dh mcm lalang..hahaha..keep it up girl!!

  5. syoknya ada taman. me pun nak buat jugak tapi taman sayur :p bila la nak gi nurseri ni.

  6. Gud Luck...!simple, but Nice...:)



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