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Will he be the next Einstein?!?!?

I noticed that my son sometimes uses his left hand to do things. But then again, I thought that he was just a kid still trying to figure out how to work his motor skills, so other than  teaching him to eat with right hand..I paid not much attention to it till recently. That's because I decided to start focusing on his learning ability. So if he is indeed a lefty, then I should really start to focus MORE on his right brain functions and vice versa.

But recently my biras questioned if he is a lefty or an ambidextrous (that's new word i learn from her!) so I decided to keep an eye on his activities. And I found out that he MIGHT be an ambidextrous.. just like my dad. They can do things equally good, with both hands. 

I did some googling about ambidextrous people and found out that Benjamin Franklin, Michelangelo and Einstein, among other great people, are also ambidextrous. OMG!!!!  My son could be the next world renown scientist for all I know!

Help!!! I can't breathe due to all these excitement!


  1. Tengok pun tau dia next Einstein! =) ... Btw terharu that I taught u a new word ... a lecturers job is so satisfying =P

  2. Auww.. c'mon la, Irfan.. be a lefty like me laaaaa =p And we'll annoy your mum together.. nak? =p



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