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Ini betul-betul..bukan cobaan!

I haven't been updating this blog for ages!!! Nak baca blog korang pun tak sempat ok! For two long weeks, we travel back and forth from MIL's to mom's and only step foot in our home to pack more clothes  and stuff to bring there. Punyaaaaa laaa rindu kat rumah, only God knew how much.

But on Sunday, much to my excitement we're back home. Perhaps until Wednesday or Thursday, and then mungkin berkampung semula di rumah mak until they fly for Hajj. Entah bila, date pun belum dapat. The waiting is killing me especially when people kept asking when and we can't give the date yet! They're still many things to think of before they go. And IF they don't get the flight from Penang, then we might make a one/two days trip to KL to send them. Haish. So many things going on all at once.


And look at those poor thing!

 Kesiankan pokok-pokok saya. After being left unattended for two whole weeks, I found them all dalam keadaan nazak when we came back last Sunday. OMG! My kesayangan-s are dyiiiing!!! Help!



  1. me bercuti sebulan mc, pokok bunga kat table ofiz daun tinggal 3 helai :p

  2. haha..sabar jela sis =)

  3. kena bawak pasu2 tu p umah mak yuuuu...



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