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Al-fatihah Untuk Arwah

It has been a tiring week for me.

My FIL passed away last two Sundays, at the age of  59 y.o (may Allah bless his soul). The call came at 4am in the morning and I'm sure  if anyone ever call me late at night again, I would definitely get a heart attack! Sangat phobia already. It still feels surreal. Whenever I think of that night we received the phone call, I'd get emotional. It was just too sudden and unexpected for me. I'm sad for the big guy for losing a father, and I'm sad that the little guy has to part with someone dear to him at such a young age. I hope when he grows up, he'll remember his grandfather for all the good times they've had together.

Anyway, we've been occupied with tahlil and taking care of the littlest things that need to be taken care of. To top it off, my parents are going for hajj soon. Maka saya adalah berkampung di rumah mak sekarang ini while the big guy spends time with his mom. 

Yes. We miss home terribly. But a son / daughter gotta do what they gotta do, so that we would not regret it when our parents are no longer here with us. InsyaAllah, I'm gonna try my best to  make the best of the situation so that everyone can be happy. It ain't easy, but we'll try.

Ya Allah, permudahkanlah urusan kami. Ampunilahh dosa-dosa ayah mertuaku dan tempatkan dia bersama golongan-golongan beriman. Ameen. 


  1. A-fatihah to you and the families....semoga rohnya ditempatkan di golongan org2 yg strong dan bersabarlah....setiap yg hidup pasti akan mati...semoga dipermudahkan segala urusan..amin.

  2. innalillahiwainailahirojiun....

    saya n family dah beberapa kali dapat call tetengah malam. dan selalunya, berita yang diterima bukanlah berita yang menggembirakan...

  3. aminnn... al-fatihah..

    and takziah to all of u...

    be strong ok...

  4. my mom passed away when she was 52 years old, consider muda jugak lah like ur FIL. takziah for ur loss, byk2 doa untuk arwah di sana.

  5. takziah to ur family. alfatihah. i baru tau. semoga dosa2 ur FIL diampunkan Allah & ditempatkan dikalangan org yg beriman.. aminn

  6. innalillahiwainnailaihirojiuun... muda lg your fil tp dah sampai janji arwah... al-fatihah..salam takziah



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