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Pukul berapa Datuk Harimau?!?

This morning, upon waking up the little guy walked to the hall and then came back into the room. I'd just finished my shower at that time. He looked at me so seriously, sambil cekak pinggang and said "Mama, dah pukoi 1! Awat bangun lambat sangat?!?!?". Hahaha! Why so fierce!?! :-p

So I went to the hall and looked at the clock. Pukoi 11am baruuuu! Hehehe. I told that to him, and he was asking lotsa question that I got so fed up with him. Puasa2 ni kurang sabaq skiiit. Hehe. When I told him to stop those questions coming in, tetiba dia buat drama crying as if I've beaten him up. Soooooooooo, in the end I gave in and took the spare wall clock and taught him to read the time. The jarum pendek and jarum panjang lesson lah, what else!

Much to my amusement, after we were done with the lesson, suddenly he asked me this : "Mama, nak makan CHEESE pukoi berapa??!?", while pointing to the wall clock. Sheeshhhh! Ada ulterior motive rupanya nak belajaq. SON! You should've just told me that you want to eat cheese, that would've make things a lot easier for both of us ok!!!!


  1. hahaha...dia pun pandai masuk jarum jugak.
    u ingat u je pandai...time nak bodek henbeg kat encik amin? hehehe



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