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Mati kebosanan

Last night, we had Iftar with the big guy's colleagues. It was Ramadhan buffet at Equatorial Penang. When he first told me about the iftar plan, I was so excited because it was at first to be held at E n O Penang, but last minute change of venue happened because that place was fully booked. But anyway, dah makan free, pi ja lah kaaannn!

 If you ask me, the food was not bad, but it was nothing to shout about too. The lamb beriani was ok, but since I'm no fan of lamb, I ate the beriani with BBQ chicken instead. The ketam goreng tepung was awesome, the only dish I was crazy about! The rest of the food was just so and so, and paling tak syiok for me, the deserts was not to die for! In terms of choices, they do have varieties of selections memang makan tak habis sampai perut meletop patploh pat kali pun you can't finish tasting each and everyone of it. Hahaha ok so I exaggerate! If I have to rate it, I'd give it a...ermmmm...I dunno lah I'm just in no mood to rate it. :-p

(Ok sorry ya gambar makanan adalah tak semenggah. And I blame my BB for that :-p)

When I told the big guy that I 'makan tak puas' for the Iftar, he gave me the 'are-you-sure-but-u-walloped-everything-I-put-on-the-table' look! Well, to my defense dear darling, didn't u hear me saying TAK PUAS and not TAK KENYANG! Of course la I had to wallop everything on the table because you see, the main purpose of me going there was to eat while your main purpose was to socialize. So I had to finish everything on the table while you went and socialize from one table to another. At least I had the food to keep me busy.  If I didn't get myself absorbed in them, surely I would be dying of boredom sitting there like a tunggul lah!

See, that's him socializing and me being bored so ambik gambar merepek2. Haha!
The little guy and I were both so bored by the time we were done with the food that we resorted to doing silly things to entertain ourselves.

Haha..thank God for this boy who kept me entertained throughout the night!

And oh, camwhoring too.

Even in the toilet. Lol!

Balik tu, dropped by my parent's home and tapau some nasik and lauk for sahur. Man! Home-cooked food never tasted that good!!!! Erkk...I think something's definitely wrong with my taste buds nowadays. Bukak posa kat luar ja mesti rasa tak sedap! Iftar at home jugak terbaikkk!

But nevertheless, I would say that it was still a good Iftar even if it's only for the fact that I got to hang my pots and pans for the day. Hahaha!


  1. Betul tu kak. Walaupun mkanan bufet kt hotel berlambak dan kita mentedarah banyak sekali pun, still rasa tak puas. Makan kat rumah juga the best. hehe

  2. hahaha.. kitorang tetiap tahun pegi EQ... so far the best laa.. makan sampai tak bleh bangun.. agaknya sbb u rajin masak sendiri kot... :p

  3. wow! beautiful place=)

    happy family=D seronoknya..



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