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Fuchsia is my new obsession!

Got myself a new chiffon fuchsia top to pair with inner dress for my cousin's wedding. Sangat overrr excited ok, coz I've never had a baju with this color before.

Image googled

And then, I just realized that I might have bought the same top as Papakeechee. Errrkkkk...takpa, I'm not planning to wear it on the 1st day of raya so you can wear it first! Hehehehe.


  1. xpe sama pun.kita bukan byk duit nak custom-made sorg2

  2. oppss!! hehehe .. eh btw it's exactly tat color eh? macam hot pink jer ... mine is not tat color la ... =P

  3. ely : wahhh! tak pernah turqoise lagi. u gimme an idea for next year already! haha

    isabelle : hahahhaha kan!

    papakeechee: slightly darker, but not too much purple like urs kot? tengok colour wheel ni, mine in between vivid and strong fuchsia :-)

  4. beb i tag u giveaway duit raya. cubak lah mana tau irfan dpt sepuloh hengget duit raya hehe

  5. phewit, ah cunnya! hehe,selamat melaram nanti ekk. salam aidilfitri ;)



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