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That's suuuwweet, really!

You know what's sweet?

It's when your husband wakes up early morning before work and prepare breakfast so you won't be hungry when you're awake later in the morning. Doesn't matter that it's store-bought, but it's the thought that really counts.

And when the husband made a pot of tea and filled up the water bottles in the fridge with them. Because he knows that's the only drinks you'd touch nowadays, a cup of chilled Teh O!

But you know what's NOT SWEET???

It's when all you can see is not the act of sweetness that he attempted. But the fact that he poured the tea into the bottles when it was too hot and the bottle got all crinkly and spoiled! And then you demanded that he get a new bottle immediately!

Sorry oppa, I can be unappreciative at times, or like you said - ALL THE TIMES . Hehehe! But I promise I'm gonna be more appreciative from now on.



  1. ok! itu sungguh sweet!! haha.. kena bgtau papi nih tapi takut dia ckp 'xcukup lagik i buat milo ice faveret u tgh2 mlm?' hahaha seramm

  2. kadang2 biler hubby wat benda yg sweet, kita tak cakap pon thank you.. tp biler dia wat benda yg menyakitkan mata, cepat2 kita bising.. huhuuhuh

  3. hehehe.
    gitu le kekdahnye kalo org lelaki buat keje.
    nak dimarah,dah dia tolong buat.
    xmarah pun, berasap kepala kita dok pendam.hehe

  4. ely : hhahaha...tengah2 malam lagik dia buatkan. that's total awesomeness ok!

    cheesyana : kannnn! kena be more appreciative ni kan. :-)

    isabelle : haha!tu lah. so marah dulu lepas tu apologize, ok tak? hiks



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