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The fake lashes hunt!

Yerp. Been hunting for a pair of these and ended up finding them in The Face Shop. Angan-angan nak pakai the fake lashes for my brother's wedding end of this week. Padahal tak reti pakai! Let's just see if I can really manage putting on the FL and NOT end up looking like a clown!

Oh btw! This pair of eyelash is like dirt cheap! They're only RM8.90 per pair and comes with  the lashes glue. But I have to say, they're not the most comfortable false lashes in the whole wide world. 

But I'm still praying that they can turn me into Angelina Jolie or some hot babes comes Sunday. Hahahaha!


  1. i have a pair too
    i bought at shu eumura
    but dont know how and when to wear it

  2. i love fake lashes, bcoz they really make my kepam lashes look awesome...semua org mesti tegur! hahaha

  3. woww! gorjes abislah u weekend ni..hehe



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