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Planning and executing!

Yerp. My two favourite boys' birthday is coming real soon. The big guy already put his feet down and insisted that there won't any party this year. But I've dreamed real big for  a thematic party since few months ago! Soooo...I'm just gonna proceed with it, though it'll be less than 10 of us celebrating it. Hehehe! 

Oh yeah, thought it's both their birthday on the 19th, but I already let the big guy in on the surprise plan for Friday night. So I guess the only one who still have no idea that there'll be a surprise awaiting him is the little guy. I just hope he won't be so blur when the Midnight Surprise Mini Party is all setup! Hiks.

 Can you people take a wild guess what theme we're gonna have for him? Heeeeeeeee!


  1. .... ermmm i suck at guessing but here goes ... Thomas and Friends?!?! ... hehehe ....

    Yang penting Partey Partey!!!! Have fun ya'll ^_^

  2. spiderman? :p tiheeeeee....
    *drpd silent tetiba jadik loud plaks...

  3. Tak yah teka susah².. konpem sumer org kene jadik adik beradik Spidey nehhhhh..

    Btw.. I'm kecik ati.. you forgot you FAVOURITE GIRL's birthday pun bulan ni =p

  4. errr..tema pantai??? ehhehe

  5. awwww..that looks like so much fun! can't wait to balik n do makan2 ke... housewarming ke... and do little favours like these too!

  6. blue & red theme la.haha.that must be spiderman!!!
    wallaweyyy...mesti irfan suka.

    p/s: selalu la bapak2 xkisah kalo x celebrate bday anak dah (bila dah masuk 3rd/4h year), tapi mak2 mesti gedix gak insist nak buat. mcm i ler

  7. red blue.. errr spidey coing to town?

    i nye theme kang ultraman & transformers (utk anak buah skalik) tgh carik timba kecik nk throw sume party favor hehe senang kan?

  8. rug tu beli kat mana/ cantik!



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