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Kerana nila setitik, rosak susu sebelanga!

One of the criteria that we looked for when buying a house was the conducive environment for learning and the..ermmm...well, status of the community in that area. Status here meaning educational status ya puan-puan, bukan darjat dan harta benda. Hehehe.

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Well, I don't know why but somehow I got a rough idea that people living around our current place is of higher educational status. I guess it's all based on my daily encounter with these people,  and their civilized behavior like giving out proper greetings even though we don't recognize each other, holding the elevator door open for the incoming people, and most importantly NOT LITTERING everywhere. You might think that the littering part is no big deal, but being a Penangite, I have to  stress that Penangites loveeeee to throw rubbish everywhere else but into the rubbish bin. Especially people (not all) living in flats and apartments. Sometimes dalam lif pun depa boleh buang bungkus nasi lemak! Cittt!


Sadly, my perception of the perfect conducive living was recently shattered when the big guy told me a horrified news a couple of weeks back. Among the seemingly peaceful community that lives here, there hid a couple of criminal. I shall not say what their crime is here, but it's one that enable them to live extravagantly. Kecik-kecik (early 20's) dah manage to ride super bikes lagi tau! Kemain lagi! Ingatkan pasai mak-bapak kaya...rupanya...tsk tsk tsk!

Anyway, I just hope they would repent and be goods citizen after this. And I pray that Allah will guide my family so that we would not go astray. Ameen!


  1. eh orang penang, p la makan kat sini:

  2. mmg kasi malu org penang la depa ni.

  3. buang sampah nasik lemak dlm lift? huk aloh hahahhahahahhaa tak tpikir i nk buat cm gitu .. hahahahahhahaa

  4. kalau ai, ai mmg jenis ter otomatik sound sesapa je yg buang sampah merata hatta ayah sendiri pun. heheh~

  5. woooooo...
    "anak ikan" kah? kekeke...gosssippp...

  6. KB: haaa menarik tertarik dah ni. nanti nak piii!

    isabelle : memang! huhu

    ely : hah! boleh gitu? i hangin ja tengok aritu walaupun kat rumah orang lain. haha

    GB : haaa baguih nanti mai sound my big guy sama k! hahaha

    sz : erkkk...worse kot. benda ni ble affect orang lain. tu yang risau tu. something related to dr*g. huhu

  7. awat hampa tak report ja? tak cukup bukti ka? mcm mana hampa syak?byk plak soal aku ni...



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