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The menu!

It's been too long since the last time I posted a masak-masak entry, kan? Well, here it is! I've been yearning for prawn curry but couldn't find the ones that suits my taste bud kat kedai-kedai di luar sana.. So with nothing but a memorised recipe from My, I set out to cook one pot of Gulai Udang.


Today's menu from the chef's kitchen includes prawn curry + fried fish + salted fish + kangkung belacan.

Lahap sungguh I makan hari ni uols! Hehehehe!


  1. ahaaa..
    yang penting periuk vision! i likeeee...

    i still remember your lempeng kelapa la dear! kuikui

  2. what a coincidence! we had our kangkung last nite for dinner. hari ahad kami pergi shops at this vietnamese area and terjumpa la kangkung... gemuk2 pulak tu... kangkungnye. but it was a bit pricey as it turns out! i guess sbb mcm exotic sikit kot for here.

  3. isk i yang tengok pic ni terkecap kecap tau! dah la kuota makan untuk today dah habis.. tertekan betul. :D

  4. perfect untuk buat kita tak perasan mertua kita. hahahah!!!



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