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All a mother could do is to think of her child happiness!

Last night as I was taking a stroll (alone) under the moonlight at the local pasar malam, I saw this sticker which immediately reminded me of my adorable little bunny. The little guy lah who else! So I bought him the stickers, shoved it in my bag and told him all about it in the car. From that moment on, he just couldn't stop asking about the sticker and been pestering me to give it to him.

So once home, it was just expected that the first thing he wanted to do was to stick those stickers in his book. I was fine with it, but what got me freaking pissed off was his daddy suggestion to stick it on the fridge, and the little guy got all giddy with excitement with the suggestion! So since it was 2 votes against 1, the boys won over me. The only thing that I was able to do was tut-tutting while giving them a killer glare! Tsk tsk tsk.

Abeh la rosak peti ais aku!!!!


  1. wah, bergaya habis posing spiderman di pintu fridge mu itu hehehe

  2. oh gawd u remind me of ALI!!! ... he freaks out every-time i add something to the fridge ... hehe ... but stickers like tat i pun akan freak out jugak ... go cari spiderman magnets la ...

  3. omg!banyak betul deco kat fridge tu.

  4. i feeeel uuuu!!!! aku punya la karang mcm2 citer, sticker ni tak leh bukak la, untuk letak dlm buku ajer la.. tetiba abah dia siao tolong bukak, and say.. ha.. boleh letak kat sini! adusss.. pintu toilet, pintu wardrobe, ada sticker dah weiii



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