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The partayyyy!

Last Friday, we attended our nephew's 1st birthday party at McD. It was a fun affair for the little guy as not only he got to eat all there was to eat, but he too got some free toys from the gift pack, courtesy of his caca and caci! Yippie!

While shooting the last pic, the little guy was shouting in the background "Irfan nak jugakkkkkkk! Irfan nak jugakkkkkkkk!". Hahaha! Tak bagi chance langsung mak pak dia nak beromantika berdua! Caiittt!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIL AIMAN! Hope you grow up to be a dear to everyone. :-)


  1. dear
    nak tanya siapa nama the lady in green blouse tu? mcm familiar sgt her face
    btw, cotton shawl yg i pakai tu is only RM15 je...murah sgt kan :D

  2. heee.. pandai nya u lilit.. kemas lak tuh, and in yr preve entry i just love both yr lilit style tu..
    oh ya happy birthday to the birthday boy ye.. :)

  3. bestnye dapat buat birthday party kat McD!
    i dari kecik teringin nak celebrate my own birthday kat situ.errrr....dah terlambat ke?



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