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THE body spray

Recently, my brother let the big guy tested his new Axe Effect body spray. Out of a sudden, the big guy grinned sheepishly at me and said "I can't go to Subway the sandwich shop lah after this, nanti awek tergoda".

I was like stumped. Seriously??? He thinks the aweks in the sandwich shops would go goo-goo gaga over him just because of the body spray? Yeah, dream on!

P/S : To the big guy if you're reading this, noooooooo! This is not me challenging you but merely stating the fact. So don't try anything stupid because the couch ain't a comfy spot to sleep tonight. Hahaha!


  1. he he he...kuat jgk p[ngaruh iklan tu yer...

  2. what if yang jaga kaunter subway tu a guy,will he attracted to BG as well?

  3. ely : haha bahaya! :-p

    joy : boleeeeeeh lah. i tak suka. haha!

    hanim : sangat kuat pengaruh dia!

    syida : haaa apa lagi. jadi BBM lah. wakakkaka!

    dee : hehehe not!

  4. sbb dah lps mlm jumaat la yg dia berani buat statement usik u tu



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