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Last night, the whole Penang was bombarded by the bombing loud firecrackers sound that shook the ground. For the first half an hour, I was in awe with the beautiful sights. But after a while it got really annoying to the point of me wanting to shove the firecrackers into its' handler's mouth, and let them have fun exploding together! A couple of times, I even had to look out the window to make sure that we're in fact in Penang, and not Pearl Harbor!

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If the only thing that it did was to annoy my ear drums, I wouldn't have minded so much. But the little guy's sleep was interrupted for a few times last night too! Kejap-kejap I heard him crying in the room, claiming that he was shocked by the loud bom bom bam and I had to go over and put him back to sleep every time. Until at one point, I got fed up and just stayed with him in the bed even though I couldn't sleep a wink due to the noise pollution. 

Today, I feel like a zombie already! Damnnnnnnnnnnn!


  1. Nasib baik arees and his ma tidoq pengsan ... didn't hear a thing!

  2. same goes to my neighborhood bom bam!!!ishhh²

  3. bad ha?..pray that on monday there would be more quiet...heheh, am going up to penang tau !

  4. apsal ada mercun lg ? sempena apa pulak kali ni?

  5. sm : grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

    papakeechee :seriously???how can u sleep amidst that noise! haha

    joy : which area are you staying at?

    working mom : yessssssssss! thaaaat bad. monday takdak dah kot...semalam ja

    yatie : according to many discussions in FB about the noise last night, ramai cakap ni group2 hokkien sembahyang untuk tok nenek diorang. something like that kot i pun tak berapa sure.

  6. Hopefully monday mmg xde lar...heheh, i'll be at penang with my very own family only..:)
    this time to have a good time spent with my lil dotter and hubby :)

  7. kat my place nampak from afar je, tak dgr bunyi. huhuhu~fidde



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