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Some necessary purchases made while holidaying.

I'm really not good in writing about vacationing in one complete post. So I guess I will divide them into a few posts, indirectly related to our short holiday last week. Whatever things that I feel like writing, I will write about first.

Well, just a brief. The big guy was on leave for the whole week, last week and we started our holiday  to Kelantan on Thursday, for 3 days 2 nights. From there shot off to KL for 2 nights stay at my sister's place.

As we've planned the holiday earlier, I had already listed down things that I want to shop in KL approximately one month before. Sangat excited kan! Well, I was actually more concerned about shopping for stuff that I can't get here in Penang, mostly the tudung and materials for my brother's upcoming wedding. Seriously, Penang don't have a decent tudung or kain shop or the likes, sangat lekeh kan!

I didn't buy nothing much though, but enough to make the big guy's eyes went all round and big! Haha! But to my defense, the Hajra tudung(s) are souvenirs for the mothers and not for me. And I really really need new inner to style with my new shawls, don't I?

And of course, the sister to the groom has got to look at least decent, so my Jakel purchase was definitely justifiable too. 

The best thing of all, I didn't even think of splurging on anything else while I was in KLCC, so I had been a real good girl, really. I'm sure you have no other way but to agree with me. Right honey?? :-p


  1. hamboih!banyaknya shopping.
    i tak pernah pegi hajra tu.kat mana ek?

  2. tapi bila kitorg pi penang kite pulak shopping byk2 bawak balik KL. kikiki!!!

  3. necessary indeed!! ... i guess you have stocked piled up for the whole YEAR eh??? .. satu hari satu tudung baru .... heheheh

  4. Hi Mama, Arzu tuh kat mana??
    Mcm menarik jer tudungnyer...

  5. syok yer jln2..xsabar nk tgk n3 pasal holiday dm...

  6. syida : kat jalan TAR ada. kat sebelah jakel shah alam pun ada. :-)

    GB : hahhh standard la tuh. pompuan pi lah mana pun tatapppp nak shopping. haha!

    papakeechee : haha...not enuff la for the whole year! not even enuff for one whole month! hehehe

    lady siti : kat KLCC :-)

    fia : pegi pegi beli!

    hanim : jalan-jalan biasa ja :-)

  7. I pon tak penah pegi hajra tu.. lawa2 tak tudung hajra??



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