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Arzu vs. Najjah

My purchased shawls has arrived!!!

The moment they were delivered to the front door, I took out my inner and started styling them in front of the mirror! Thanks babe for sending them to me sampai depan pintu! :-)


After styling them in a few different ways, I was pretty happy with the outcome. However, I have to say that I prefer the Najjah inner compared to the ones from Arzu, as I think it gives a 'softer' effect on my rounded face. The Najjah ones are a bit more comfortable too as the materials are so soft, and just a tad bit thicker than the latter. But that's just my personal opinion, of course.

But then again, Arzu does has such yummylicious printed inner that if I was not on a restricted budget, I might have borong them all at one go. Serious sangat comeiii!

Inner from Najjah
Inner from Arzu
So, hijabi ladies. Care to share your preference in things related to hijab and where you get yours from?


  1. I used to love wearing shawl & the way u wear yours....but since my face getting rounder, i'm back with ariani type of hijab...

    dear, u remind me to get more ler....hehehe..

  2. your face memang suits wearing shawl gitu...
    me nehi nehi coz muka i very the mulats ;)

  3. hehe ada beli dengan najjah bebaru ni hehe.. baru nak blajar pakai inner tengok orang pakai nampak kemas..
    i think both najjah and arzu sesuai dengan u, nampak sweet sangat..

  4. hanz : go get more goooo! haha

    rasp : alah muka i mulat gak lah dear. tapi tetappp nak pakai! hiks

    lady : haaa u beli which ones? inner kelepet kat muka or yang awning skit tu? :-) shawls dia pun cantik2 gak kan. :-)

  5. 2-2 I belum try lagi..baru ada tudung Ratu. biasa I masih pakai tudung 4segi/Oblong TR..jenuh melilit ;)

  6. joy : TR doesn't suit me..muka nampak pelik. hehe. tudung ratu tu ala2 ariani eh?

    ladysiti : thanks!

  7. I have lots from najjah and only few from Arzu.. I love both of them.. Just yg najjah punye lame2 makin longgar.. So i've to wear it with a pin.. but then Arzu punye yg printed mmg lawa2.. hehe

  8. muka gua buuuuuulattttttt...
    nanti jadik lagi buuuuuuulatttttttttttt

  9. zulaikha : yeah najjah punya lama2 longgar, i have the same problem with syria dia. i guess because of the material, tapi the inner so far still comfy and tak longgar.

    dr singa : adakah muka doc sebulat muka saya? :-p bulat itu comel ok! hahaha

  10. i love arzu scarves.

    semalam pun baru beli 4 helai...
    muka i pun bulat,tapi dia ajar cara pakai,terus jadi lonjong panjang muka ku ini...tgh nak ubah imej baru ni.....

  11. mahal tak tudung2 dia?selalu lalu kat kedai Mid tapi tak masuk sbb takut 'terbeli' hehehe

  12. inner Arzu memang cantik..tau pasal arzu pun bila tengok businesswoman premium beautiful dok pakai..dia ada tak style macam syria tu..senang sket sbb saya ni memang xreti nak melilit segala. Kene terjah boutique dia macam ni :-)



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