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My Girl

I am still on Korean movie marathon, for today it's the time for 'My Girl' pulak. Haish, once you start, you could never stop kan! I guess we women are all plain romantic at heart. Even if we act macho and all untouchable outside, deep in our heart, we all long for that warm feeling. The feeling you get when you look into your soul mate's eyes, and you could see how much love he has in store for you.

Oh and don't lie, all of us women loveeeeeeeee watching love dramas, don't we? No matter how cheesy they might be, they'd still make our heart tingle. Kalau tak, takdak la makcik-makcik semua dok gila tengok soap opera and cried in front of the TV until their eyes becomes all swollen and their nose become like those of the reindeer! Hehehe.

Seriously, I think those makcik(s) are cute, and I would be glad to turn into one cute makcik myself! So bye bye for now, I wanna go continue watching the series!


  1. bestnye 'My Girl' , Full house da tengok ke?..ada Rain tu..huhu.. . dlu masa study geng2 smua pakat balik hostel awal sebab nk duduk dpn PC marathon 'meteor garden'-tapi yg tu rasa citer taiwan kot..alah lebih kurang la kan

  2. tak pernah tgk cite korea...belum terjebak lagi....selamat menonton...:)

  3. baru je terjebak blk ngan citer korea...He's Beautiful...rasa comel je citer tu. Tp dh abis dah..skit sgt episod dia..x puas tgk..

  4. we all pun korean marathon gak. but kurang lah yg jiwang2 ni. more on lawak & membina semangat. papa-miya, i & miya, semua layan woo. siap my mom & bro pun terjebak after sebulan dok sini.

    u should watch; city council, lord of study, baker king and the list goes on and on and on....

  5. oh yeah lg satu yg best & lawak & lovey gak, Pasta (In Love). Cute aje...

    but our all time fav is "the grand chef". must watch lah.

    aigoo aigoo... byk lah citer best2. bukan ada, kira cam director korea ni byk cerewet & make sure its filled with quality. so puas hati gak tgk drama korea ni. pelakon dia better than japanese and...msian. :P

  6. i takut nak terjebak with the dramas & citer korea nie sis...
    takut addicted gitu kan....

  7. mmg best ni k.yah..few times dok tgk pun tak penah rasa boring!! ulang n ulang..syiok woo..

  8. saya pun giler kt "my girl " ni sbb ada gon chan :)



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