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Sakit sakit sakit!

I sooooooooooo need a good massage right this moment!

One of the thing I hate of turning 30 is all the side effects that comes with it. Lately I've been having a numb sensation down my left leg. The funny thing is, the sensation or what we call "sesemut", "kebas", etc. will occur when I walk instead of when I sit for a long time. Then couple of days back, it started becoming worse and now there's pain exulting from the lower end of my butt down the whole leg. This resulted in me being lazy and wanting to do nothing but just lie back on the couch! Alasan la tu. I feel like an old, crippled lady already!

Any physicians reading this blog who can diagnose the problem for me, please? And no, I'm not pregnant! :-)


  1. u shud go and see the doctor la akak.. really.

  2. i dh setgh tahun ade numb dikedua belah tangan. tapak tangan wrist smpai le ke elbow. bila i slow down cooking slowly dia recover apekah maksudnye itu?? patu knee kanan selalu lah lenguh dh mcm mak i punye lutut ok dimana she suffer from kehausan grip kt lutut, keturunan kah itu? dah itu hujung tulang blkg lupe plak nama dia, dh lama dh i kena jumpak orto tp buat2 lupa.. zzzz tp sumpah, nerve or bones mmg kena jumpak orto, makcik tukang urut tu alasan semulajadik haha

  3. i just turned 30 last october..if minum susu membantu x?

  4. saya afi : i think i should too :-)

    ely : omg! kena jumpa ortho ka. nka buat2 lupa gak la huhuhu...

    lip : i dunno...tapi i ni liaaaaaat sangat minum susu! hiks

  5. ini sudah ajaib. selalu org numb/kebas kalo x bergerak.
    err..tgu i dpt phd pun i xleh jwb. sebab phd dlm bidang lain :P



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