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The need to justify your purchases!

Why do women shop impulsively? Because the moment we see something that catch our eyes, we would start the list going in our head on why we need to purchase the things and what would happen if we don't buy them.

For example.

I bought these recently because the moment I saw them, my eyes sent the signal to my brain that these were a must grab items because :

1) Obviously the little guy would love them to bits. And it'll make shampooing his hair a blissful experience for him. Hence, making his childhood a fun and memorable one in the long run.

2) The little guy's hair is about the same length as Peter Parker's hair. Being Spiderman, I'm pretty sure Peter's hair always gets all sweaty and hapak, just like the little guy's does even though he's not the real spidey! So logically, they might use extra scent in this Spiderman's shampoo to get rid of unwanted odor. And I soooo need to get rid of the sweaty smell in the little guy's hair so that I could kiss his head at night without vomiting blood! Hahaha!

3) I had to take the powder too because the price of the shampoo alone is just a few RM less than powder and shampoo in a pack. So I get value for money when I buy them both.

Now, can you see how a woman's brain can be so manipulative! So the next time you husbands feel like scolding us for shopping impulsively, please stop and think. We didn't do it willingly, we were coerced into it by our brain!



  1. my hubby kenal sgt dgn perangai i. kalau i justify the stuff i nak beli or dah beli, dia tau its something we dont really need & out of the budget. so sebabkan tu i mula tukar tektik. beli aje & senyap. kalau dia soal, kata mmg perlu. jgn cakap lebih2. :p then dia ingat mmg ok la kot, perlu tu. huhuhuhu....

  2. mama miya : hahahhaa! terbalik lah kita. with my hubby, if i diam meaning he will assume it's not important. bila i berbuih2 mulut justify baru dia plak diam (more towards malas nak bertekak rather than percaya my justification) haha!

  3. Ya..btol, im shoppaholic! even da list semu brg, tp ada gak benda len yg diselit, menggeleng kpala hubby i, tp setiap benda yg i purchase tu i ble xplain why we need tis, hehehehe..dan bla da guna benda tu, i imbas balik ms i beli brg tu..haa tat y la i beli ni, kan berguna..hahha, so hubby xle deny..hehe

  4. cool shampoo!! never seen it before..everytime i enter shopping malls, my muka tetiba naik seri..memang sparkling giler sebab tersangat excited nk shopping........ :)

  5. if i bought it for aqid, i dont need to justify.but if i buy it for myself, i senyap2 je.kadang2 i will hide it in my car for the longest time until he found it.after that i senyum je.tee hee hee

  6. opps, kenapakah daku terbalik dari en. suami? usually, dia yg sibuk nak beli mcm2 dan saya pulak akan tanya, "penting ke tak tu? kalau tak penting, letak balik!". hahaha



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