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Box shopping!

Being in the business, I realized something that I've always taken for granted.  HOW IMPORTANT IT IS TO USE THE RIGHT BOXES! I never though it would be this hard to find the correct size of boxes to post the diaper cakes to customers outside Penang. Once, I used a huge box to post a small size diaper cake, and believe it or not, the postage fee cost almost 1/3 of the diaper cake price, much to my dismay!

When I found the right sizes of boxes, most of the time, the price would be out of budget. Imagine having to use a RM10++  gift box for a diaper cake that falls under the budget of RM60. Totally unacceptable if you ask me!

So yesterday I was in a dire need to find some boxes to post the diaper cakes I'd baked. I couldn't find any at Tesco nor Giant and didn't know where else to go, as those were the two hyper marts that I always went to get my boxes stock . Then, a friend suggested that I should try asking the kedai photocopy for A4 paper boxes, and so I did.

Voila! I was in luck as they were willing to sell them off, and for a good price I would say. I would've bought hundreds of them if not for the limited cash I had space we had in the car.

So now, I just need to make some makeover to these boxes before delivery. Makeover, I love!!!!!


  1. sini biasanya around 50sen or rm1 je per box mcm tu.
    sana mahal x?

  2. wahh xsabo nk tgk box tu nnti.. ngeeee

  3. bagus lah sis dah dpt stock boxes nie...
    senang keje skit kan....

  4. isabelle : haa lebih kurang jugak! :-)

    ely : haha..ala i balut ngn wrapping paper ja! jgn expect yang gempak2 tau! haha!

    watie : hahh slalu kat ofis bersepah la kita tengok kan. tapi bila diperlukan sure takdak. haha

    rasp : yes! senang skit keja i takyah carik sana sini everytime nak post to customer. :-)

  5. Salam

    U post guna pos ekspress or parcel biasa? Saya pernah hantar brg ke customer guna kotak lebih kurang besar A4 paper box via pos ekspress (by her request. Selalu I guna parcel biasa je). Kalau dari segi weight it should cost kurang dari RM10 (barang besar tapi ringan). Sekali tu kena lebih kurang RM25 sebab they all calculate base on volumetrik. Kalau tak silap tak leh lebih dari 30 cm. Maybe boleh check balik dgn pos office . Just sharing.



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