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My little Samurai!

The little guy loveeeeeeesssssss running everywhere. In the house, out in the streets, practically everywhere. At times he would drives me up the wall when we go out and he would suddenly shoot off running towards the streets. I kept telling him of the danger but it just eludes his mind all the time. One or two times, after shrieking on the top of my lung and he still didn't want to listen, I just smacked him there and then. But you know kids. The only thing they care about is to have fun fun fun! And apparently, running is one on the most fun thing  to do for my son.So he just couldn't care less!

Until yesterday.

He told me that he wanted to go potty so I told him to go ahead to the toilet and I would be there in a second. As usual, instead of walking like a good boy, he sprinted towards the bathroom. In just a nano-second I heard a scream and so thought that this boy must have fell down or something. That's like an everyday occurrence to him, so I just walked leisurely towards him and opened my mouth to ask him what happened.

It was then that I saw blood pouring on his whole face! It was gushing out like a leaked pipe, and seriously, the only thing I could see was his black hair and blood-red face. His features weren't visible at all underneath all those red liquid!

I panicked! I scooped him up in my hands and brought him to the bathroom. I washed and washed him face with water but for a moment it seemed to me like the liquid that came out of the shower head was blood red too! It filled the bathroom floor and the walls. With whole body shaking and tears streaming down my face, I somehow managed to calm myself down and remember what I was supposed to do.

I went to get a towel and pressed it in the general direction of his forehead as I thought that should be the source of the gushes of blood. Immediately then, I managed to stop the flow. I washed him up and made him lie on the bed, all the while still pressing the towel hard on the wound.

His blood-soaked baju

Amidst the panic attack, I managed to inform the big guy of what happened, and he told me thereafter that he merempit back home after hearing the news. He arrived home from the office under 5 minutes, when usually it'll take more or less 10-15 minutes! He must have heard the panic in my voice, and knew how bad the situation was. 

Then we brought the little guy to the hospital and had his wound stitched up. It was one thing to look at your baby covered with blood like that. It was another thing having to hold him down while the doc stitched up the wound. He screamed and screamed and screamed like a banshee! I just had to empty my mind from the thought of the pain he was handling to avoid any break down on my part. My poor baby! Tak pasai-pasai kena jahit 3 jarum. That's what happens when you refuse to listen to your mother!!!!

The Last Samurai? Haha!

The moment the doc was done stitching him and we went to wait for his medicine at the lobby, the little guy forgot all about the pain. He had fun jumping up and down like nothing happened just a moment before.

And after that, siap boleh buat lawak asking his father while finger pointing to his head "Abah, Irfan handsome tak?". Haih! Aku debik jugak budak ni kang!!!


  1. alamak.... siannya irfan.... teruk gak tu sampai kene jahit... mujur ler dia dah ok pastu... be careful next time irfan... mama hang mesti boleh sakit jantung tgk darah banyak2 macam tu...

  2. wahahaha... siap tanya hensem tak tu..kekeke

  3. gulp. hero mmg active. same goes with mine :|

  4. Bai..i baca ur story pon da rasa ngilu..kalo i nmpak darah rs da pitam kt situ..bau darah pon da pening2 lalat..

  5. ouchh..kena jahit...seriau rasa...
    boy mmg active la...fuhh..

  6. aduh...kesiannya irfan... tapi itu la tandanya dia lelaki kecik. hihihi

  7. mamaeesya : agak teruk. memang mama dia dah ketaq hampir2 pengsan! huhuhu

    isabelle : tu lah ble nak buat lawak. tension ja mak dia!

    joy : sangat! tak reti dok diam!

    hani : haa bau darah tu memang tah tahan...amin kata macam kat market tempat orang sembelih ayam bau dia. huhuhu

    kak ct : tu lah memang seriau bai time tu.

    GB : haaa lelaki kecik ini akan ada scar kat forehead lepas ni. cam harry potter la plak! hahahaa

  8. auccchhhhh...
    get well soon little samurai!

  9. Barula JANTAN!! girls dig boys with scars...hehehe

  10. siannya cepat baik na biar hensome balik :)



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