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Wayyyyyyyyyyyy overdue entry, this one is!

December 3rd was my mom's birthday. It was on Friday so we didn't celebrate it on the day. The plan was to do it on Sunday but it had to be postponed due to some technical reasons. Hehe.

A couple of days earlier (before 3rd Dec), my mom slept over at our house, so the next day we had a pre- birthday lunch. Just the four of us, my mom, my bro, the little guy and myself. Since  it was my treat, I chose where I wanted to have lunch. Where else but at my fave fast food restaurant ever, McD! Boleh gitu? Kesian birthday girl. Hahaha! Well, for one thing it was convenient to have it there as I had to shop for diaper cake stuff later on, at the same mall. So everyone agreed with me on the lunch spot.

After we were all stuffed to the brim, we ladies went shopping! Hehe. I bought my mom a pair of comfy shoes as birthday + anniversary present. And coincidentally my sister got her a beautiful handbag, so apa lagi! Melaram sakan la my mom with the gifts! Hehehe.

Errmmmm, next Sunday I've got a kenduri to attend. So mak, nak pinjam handbag boleh?????? Hahaha!


  1. wah wah wah...
    ni harus ada yg mak u nak ngaku esok bday dia, lusa bday dia, tulat bday dia lagi.hehehe

  2. pinjam handbag mak?sangat tak aci.

  3. happy birthday to yr mom.. :)
    lawa handbag..

  4. walawey! sgt bergaya itu handbag. happy bday to ur mom! :)

  5. i pun beli scholl's shoes for me mum!! comfy and tak payah susah2 nak pikir nak beli apa hehe. tapi now pulak my mum start suka crocs hahaha btw happy belated bday to ur mum!! :)

  6. hepy birthday utk mak dm...sukalah mak dm dpt plak tu

  7. Etienne Aaigner Monterey...!!! Cantekssnyaaa...
    Mak DM....nak pinjam nak pi kenduri jugak boleh...??? boleh laa makkk... :-D



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