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What is your momma doing?!?

When grandma is around, the little guy would be so very eksyen with his own parents. Berkepiiiiiiiit la ngan tok dia 24 jam. He slept wayyyyyyyy past his bedtime too, at almost 2:30 am last night! Well, since maktok rajin nak layan malam-malam buta, takpalah kan. The good thing is, his momma get to have lots and lots of me time yehaaaaaaaaaa!!

Anyway,while I was in the room just now getting ready to go out, I heard my mom asking the little guy to go see what I was doing. So little guy came into the room :

LG : Mama, what are you doing?
DM : Ermmm, nothing (while touching up my face)
LG : *look at momma with rasied eyebrow, then went out to get his grandma* Haish! Mama dok makeup makeup makeup!



  1. Sooo cute kan kalo bebdk mengadu camtuh ^____^

    Biasala..child will say anathing they see..Ekekeke

  2. he he he..comei irfan...tukang report yer....

  3. alah alah...
    mcm la dia lorat sgt mama dia mekap. dia pun occupied dgn maktok dia.
    u should go jenguk dia n say.."irfan ni asyik berkepit dgn maktok..maktok..maktok..."

  4. aidluze : kannnnnnn!

    hanim : yerp!

    GB : very the jujur!

    isabelle : i should do that! haha

    cath j : :-)

  5. alahai..comelnya makeup makeup makeup..agaknya menyampah dengan kita kot yang selalu duk makeup..hahahaha

  6. Mama dia dok make up nak gi mana tu? :D



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