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The story behind the makeup case

I think most of you are clueless as to the reason why I would want to have a makeup case that big, when I'm not even a professional makeup artist, kan?

Well, FYI, I do have bits and pieces of makeup stuff that are scattered everywhere around the house. Mostly in different handbags and drawers. So whenever I need to use them, I had to scout around for the things and sometimes I could not find the things I want, whenever I want to. Worse, when I need to bring these stuff over to my parents or for traveling, I had to use a couple of different cases to store them and then sumbat these cases in my luggage. On top of that, I have to make sure the luggage is handled with care so that the makeup stuff won't break etc.

That's why I decided to get the makeup case, in the smallest size I could find. So that I have to scount nor worry no more! And I have to say, the excitement of being able to purchase it is almost similar to the excitement when a girl is presented with a doll house or Barbie Dolls! Sukaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa sangat ok!!!!

The old makeup bag, a gift from the big guy. Don't worry dear bag, I will still use you once in a while :-)

My new makeup case

See! They ain't that big and they're almost full already. But fret not, I can still find some spaces for me to fill in with new makeup stuff! Ngeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

They can even fit my Manly eye palette! Big yay!!

As for me, this case is really worth investing in. Who knows, one day I could be a makeup artist pulak kan *berangan*. Hehehe!


  1. wah..dah mcm mak andam la plak..hehe..

  2. siap boleh letak ur accessories lagik ... niceeeeeee... money worth spent!! ^_^

    *do you need my approval stamp here as well for anonymous to see ??? muahahahahaha*

  3. azni : hahaha. mak andam untuk diri sendiri :-p

    papakeechee : sila stamp cepat cepat!!! ngiahahahha

  4. kelassssss dm...cntik oo makeup case tu..mmg sebijik mcm mak andam punya..he eh he

  5. ini sudah tahap mak andam nih...
    i suka yg kecik, sebab sng nak bwk travel

  6. hanim : haha...memang time nak beli tu pun orang tu tanya u mekap artists ka? haha

    isabelle : ha'ah kecik punya easier..tapi this one pun ok la kalau nak bawak jalan jauh. if dekat2 guna beg kecik gak lah. hehe

  7. Woahh..klu Imma yang beli makeup case nih..konfem berlambak free spaces...sbb I dont have that much makeup stuffs..sbb tak mekap and tak reti mekap..huhuhu...

    Ni dah ada mak andam-to-be dah nii..boleh arr blajaq...jom jom jom...hihihiii..

    Cuti2 sekolah ni best gak erk pi lepak sana..baawak boboy..biaq depa main..kita dua2 main jugak..main mekap2... :-D aci tak gitu..

  8. baizurah,ni xpenuh lg.lps nih hng kena target bg penuh baru betoi ada fungsi makeup case nih :D:D:D

  9. Mak oiiiiii.. my friend ni part-time mak andam and she's the only friend i've ever seen owning this case.. now I have two friends.. tp sorg lagik tu mcm bkn mak andam jek =p



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