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Suami awet muda?

I always told the big guy that he looks old enough to be my grandfather. And I'm like always gloating to him that I look forever young. If I walk with Irfan, people would surely think that he's my brother instead of  my son. Hahahaha! Overrrr kan! *sila muntah darah cepatttttt!*

Today, once he came back from work, the big guy was all excitedly told me that one mat salleh came to visit their office. They had a conversation and then the dude said to him :

Mat salleh : Dude, you're pretty young to be a manager.
Big guy  :  I'm not young, I'm already 30!
Mat salleh : *shocked* You gotta be kidding me! I thought you're only 27-28 y.o.
Big guy : Seriously man!! You gotta say it in front of my wife bla bla bla".

Well. I have to say.  That coming from a Caucasian, I'm not surprise at all. Mat and minah salleh do look more 'mature' compare to us Asians, isn't it? I bet if the dude look at me, he would think that the big guy married an underage girl. Hahahaha!

Hear this big guy. When it comes to the awet muda issue, you could never win with me! :-p


  1. ihiksss...
    i n my hubby same ages (30 la gakkkk)
    tp offfcoz mr boss nmpk lbh tua..yeayyyyy

  2. hahaha!!!! patutnye mr big guy kene ckp kat mat saleh tu ape tau....did u forget to wear your contact lenses?

  3. lucky u!

    i plak terbalik huhu..husband muka lagi muda..i plak muka matured.

  4. hehehehe muda 3 tahun...
    i neh org ingat umor 14/15...caner??muda 10 tahun kot!!hahahah siap pak2 arab specially ingat hubby i tuh my dad...hahahhahahahah :p

  5. mcm pe'el i jer.
    kok mana pun, lwn la apa saja...mesti i yg menang. mkn hati tau mrhubby...hahaha

  6. hahaha yah... it's always the opposite case with yong and abang nasir.. well not opposite la but people always thought that we are almost the same age -- when actually he is 10 years older than me.. huhuhu.. sedeynya...:(

  7. he he he...xpe dm bagilah chan kat dia kene puji nmpak muda..:)

  8. true caucasians look more mature compare to asians. but still i m one of those asian ladies who look much2older than true age. fellow asian ladies in their 50s call me kakak when i hv m nt yet 50 and younger than 50s call auntie lah :(
    any tips to reverse this?

  9. sz mass : kita serupaaaaaaaaaaa! hehe

    GB : high fiveeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! ngeeeeeeee!

    farah : tapi u maintain vogue...takpa! :-)

    cu734ngel : wahhhhh! melampau tu! sure orang berani kenyit2 mata kat u if u jalan ngn hubby! haha

    rasp : of coz i'm rite! ngeh ngeh ngeh

    isabelle : hahahhaha...sama lah ngn amin. takpa, depa menang kok lain. kehkeh

    yong : that's because abg nasir is sooo kecik cinonet! that's why he looks younger than his age. hehe

    hanim : ok lah kasik chance!hehe

    suria : ermmm...i would say..embrace it and anggap it a blessing! maybe what makes them calls u kakak is becoz they see the wisdom in you :-)



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