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Raya Haji

As usual, when it comes to raya we never get to camwhore the way I hoped to. Because we always always always were busy with other things, and when I usually could make time for a snap, most of us would be out of raya uniform already! It's such a shame, because the little guy's momma just dig being in front of the lense! He will start lentok here and there, and show off his rabbit teeth in his attempt to look cute for his audience. Tak caya? Just look at all his poses in the below pics, which were captured while the big guy went for prayer, and in the car heading towards the in-laws in the morning. Please ignore my oily face, just concentrate on the little vain preschooler ok!

Dia lentok sendiri ok, no one supervised him on that!

These were the only ones we managed to snap at my parent's place before we changed into kaftan and kain pelikat la la la la. Hahaha!

Sooo pathetic kan? Perhaps we have to get a canggih camera so the little guy's momma could camwhore all  she wants to.


  1. cantik mak n anak..mmg lah raya mmg xsmpat nk snap2 pic pun mcm tu tp terpaksa gigihlah wpun dlm sibuk2 tu...he he he

  2. no doubt la irfan belajaq lentok2 tu drp sapa.kuikuikui...

  3. hanim : tu lah kena gigih kan. huhuhu

    isabelle : dari pak dia kot eh? hahahahaha!

  4. anak mama mesti la lentok kt mama..hehe..

  5. bapaknya tak nak lentok sekali??

  6. sah!!!! he takes after his mama la ... heheheh ... nice pics!!



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