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Cina Muslim Restoran

When it comes to choices of meals, I'm usually not very adventurous. Japanese, Indian or Chinese food are definitely not in my list of preference. But since the big guy wanted to try out this Cina Muslim Restaurant at D' Piazza, Bayan Lepas, I agreed halfheartedly.

But the moment we stepped in, I had a second thought because the place was practically deserted safe for the workers. However, we decided to just give it a shot, so once seated, we proceeded with the order. After a while, more people started to come in so I was a bit relieved.

The thing I like about the place is that it has simple yet cozy ambient, but what's most important is that it is clean!

From the look on the menu, their specialty dishes looks mouth-watering. But since we were not in the mood to makan besar, we ordered nothing extravagant.

Tofu Goreng Daging Ayam = RM14 per small plate
Makanan Laut + Tofu Goreng = RM8.00 per small plate

XiHu Sup Daging = RM14 per small bowl
With 2 and a half plates of rice for the 3 of us
Hot Mama and Cheeky Son = RM priceless! Hahaha!

For someone whose taste buds are pretty constricted, I have to say that the food was not bad at all! I simply loved the Tauhu Goreng Rangup, it was a shame that I had to share them with the two guys! I could eat them one whole plate and still ask for replenishment, kalau ikut nafsu lah. Hehe. The tofu goreng ayam wasn't bad too, and the soup was just ok for me. 

But for the big guy, everything was a thumb's up! Yerp, he just loves them to the core, sungguh tidak disangka!. Makan sampai licin! So I would recommend this place for you guys who loves Chinese food but on the look out for the halal ones. Or even if you just want to have some varieties, then you should give this place a try too.

And oh! The bill didn't even amounted to RM50. So, apa lagi, serbuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!


  1. sedapnya....memang feveret tau chinese food ni tapi memang sangat susah nak jumpa yang halal..huhuhu

    p/s: esok pagi niza transfer kan ongkosnya..baru pegi bank td..:)

  2. best ni... i've always love authentic chinese food.

    anyway, mmg elok pun u pegi makan with both of ur guys. kalau tak mau u bedal semua & naik bam-bam. huhuhu...

  3. wah.............macam jalan2 cari makan nie......hahahhahaah..siap price lagi...........sedap okay.........terus lapar pagi2 nie :) suke kat tofu tu gak :D

  4. wah nmpk lauk dia sedap! wish there were more halal chinese restaurants here in KL sigh!

  5. uuuuuuu ... yummey!! will serbu when we have the chance ^_^

  6. KB : ha'ah mmg susah nak jumpa. so once jumpa harus holler semua orang kasik tahu. haha

    mama miya : hahaha..dah semula jadi bam bam maaa :-p

    sisdee : hahaha...informative tak? silap i tak letak price nasi putih sekali tu. haha!

    KC : perhaps ada kot? boleh scout around tengok :-)

    papakeechee : sila-sila! but if u can't eat soupy2 stuff, better stick to the goreng2an. hehe

    elissmie : haha tu lah. takpa kalau mai penang boleh cuba :-)

  7. sedapnye! irfan nye muka mmg priceless! hahaha

  8. salam, mmg ada plan nak try. mmg suka chinese food. dah u kata sedap, mmg akan SERBUUU la dlm masa terdekat ni.

    nak bak kut teh!!!

  9. ohh... tiba2 dlm fridge ada tofu goreng (peniggalan sedara yanag datang bercuti skolah).. nak buat jap lg. hentam lah masak macam mana pun..



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