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Panjat kepala takpa, jangan pijak kepala sudah!

I'm  just so sorry people that I'm not able to reply to all your comments and not updating blog as much as I would like to. Nak blog hop pun tak boleh nowadays ok because of the dang internet connection! Sakit hati! If I'm able to update one post per day without photos pun dah kira well-behaved dah internet nih!

Btw, I always heard mothers around me boasting that their kid(s) are soooo manja with them and wouldn't want to berkepit with anyone else. Well, I know it is very enviable to have such relationship with your kid, but I'm just so thankful that mine is as manja with his daddy as he is with me Alhamdulillah. You wanna know why? Because that way, I get to laze around in bed at night watching my favorite show while the little guy find other people to torture. Namely, HIS DAD! Muahahhaha!

Daytime, he is momma's chatty little guy. Come night time, he becomes anak manja abah! He just can't get enough of his dad that he will climb all over him every day, without fail!  Nasib you la abah oiiiii! Hehehe.


  1. sonoknya dpt dukung?...sapa nk dukung akk ni ya? hahaha

  2. huhu.. manja2 jugak, tp jangan sampai tak di marah langsung.. nanti budak naik lemak, pijak kepala pulak!

  3. hehehe. biar la ayah dia pulak merana setelah puas sehari u layan. hehehe

  4. same with aqid.
    siang manja dengan nenek dia.
    malam dengan papa dia.
    dengan i weekends je.bole gitu?

  5. akakakakkaa....buli abah.itulah kerja rafiq jugak.jadi kawan kan?
    i boleh lepak tgk monday night laughs hahaha

  6. ihikss...kang pengsan plak abah dia nak dukung mama nya plak... ;p

  7. bagus tu.. mak dia boleh layan tv malam2.. kekekke



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