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Once broken, considered sold?

My waiting has come to an end. The much anticipated eyeshadow pallet has finally arrived!

Before that, let me tell you a bit about my purchase. Manly (pronounced as Mun-Lee) is a Hong Kong brand. I came to know about this pallet from MrsImran blog and bought it from the makeup artist she recommended. This is the 120 colors pallet, and cost only RM70! I loike!

Back to the story. I was just so psyched when I got a call from the delivery guy earlier this afternoon, saying he was on the way to deliver it. As he arrived, he was pretty amused seeing me standing in front of the door at the lobby. He blurted out " Laaa kak, awat tak tunggu saya naik ataih?". Hahaha!

But I was pretty disappointed once I opened the package. You want to know why?!? THIS is why!

See. Though it came in a bubble wrap, not only the casing was broken, but some of the colors were hancus too! I think all in all, adalah berbelas colours that was spoilt due to the delivery. I actually thought each colours would have a separate covers protecting it, because that's what I read in some of the reviews about this pallet. But apparently, it didn't. Perhaps, maybe the seller could've written there "Fragile, handle with care" instead, but I doubt if that would make any difference. Well, what can I say, shit happens!

Even so, I was just so very semangat to salvage it so I compressed them again with tissue papers, Ok lah,  as long as they can still be used, I'm okay with it.

 Before being salvaged

 After being salvaged, not bad kan.

I simply lurrrrrrrrve all those purple, pink and natural hues they have in there. They're just so candy-like, I feel like eating them right away! Now, excuse me while I start painting my face with rainbow colors. Yeeeeeeeha!!


  1. alaa sedihnyaaaa tengok dah hancuss...
    tp pandai u "baiki" semula...hehehe

  2. phew!! nasib baik pandai salvage ... the colors are oh-so-pwetty!!!! ... nanti nak try test ^_^

  3. Nasib baik berbelas ja..Cantik betul kaler2 dia..Best eh memain eye shadow DM? Me eyeshadow pun yg taun sudah pnya adalaa..Mata shepett..bulu mata pun tak ada~ Plus, pakai spek lagi..Tak reti nk bershadow2 mata ni.. =)

  4. hamboih, meletup nak pakai eye shadow rainbow! jaga baik2 kak, takut nnt irfan bawak main taruk air dalam each color just like what my niece did to his mom's! haha

  5. nasib ok - lepas diselamatkan still look fab :)

  6. sz mass : haa tu lah nasib i pandai repair. wakkakaka

    papakeechee : cepat cepat ambik MC then mai umah i kita practice mekap!

    mama sohayl : haha...tah la taktau lagi. before this tak baynak collection warna. so dah dapat ni kena try la all these colors :-)

    cinta madu : hahhhhh?!?!? i dah warn irfan siap2 tadi "listen, don't u ever try to touch this thing ok? mama will get mad!" hahaha

    ermayum : tu lah, luckily!

  7. laa,..sian kat u, tengah excited2 nak terima barang tu, jadi mcm tu pulak. nasib baik dapat diselamatkan.

  8. camner u wat untuk selamatkan???

  9. love the warna warni! i wonder ada tak lipgloss yg ada flavours that come in multi-colours palettes mcm tu. sure yummy nye

  10. huh, kerja men-salvage itu sungguh gigih sekali...tabik spring! kalo akak lah kena camni harus mintak compensation dr itu parcel service hehe..


  11. banyaknye color dia.
    mesti u curi2 masa nak try semua kan?

  12. kita penah kena macam ni..
    lagi lampu meja..
    really dissapointed bila terima barang dah hancur berderai!

    yang sadisnya..tak boleh nak selamatkan langsung..geramnya!

  13. Hahaha.. ni nak jadik Ami la ni.. dok pakai mekap kat umah hehe.. kelakar sy bile Ami citer Kimin dok geleng kepale je hehe..



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