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It's a BALLOON WEEK y'all!

Let's share some random facts about the Drama Familia!

1) The family truly needs a holiday!!! We need a getaway from this mundane life! HELP!!!
2) Drama Mama now has to cook 3 pots of rice instead of the usual 2, because the little guy has hugeeeeeeeee appetite nowadays! Alhamdulillah!
3) Little guy has weaned off the bottle. ALMOST completely! Yeay! And he drinks only once or twice per day.
4) Spiderman fever has infected not only the little guy, but drama mama as well. Big guy? Tepuk dahi ja lah!

5) It takes 2-3 days before I can push myself to clean up the house but it will only stay in the clean state for less than an hour. Tsk tsk!
6) We (the little guy and I) loveeeeeee our hot rolls but the big guy is still sticking with pizza!

7) Had fun celebrating my brothers' birthday last week. Because we get to eat and eat and eattttttttttttt!!!

8) I just discovered pekasam and loving it to bits! The big guy however, hates it to the max! Hehehe!

And last but not least...

9) We, the DRAMA FAMILIA, declare that this week is BALLOONS WEEK!!! Just because the little guy has finally managed to overcome his balloon-phobia!
Aik, I just realized. Banyaknya facts about food! Gluttonous sungguh! Hahahaha!


  1. yup he has!!! he was playing balloons with arees on saturday and I was pretty surprised that he was not scared nemore ... bravo my brave nephew ... bravo!!! *huggy*

  2. papakeechee : hahaha...tu lah. i thought u'd be surprised too! hehehe. he overcame the phobia that very morning so macam excited nak play balloon with arees. hiks

  3. sedapnyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee pizza..

  4. OMG i pun suka hot rolls!!! especially the chicken and cheese *salivates* hehe sis!!! i need your help on the diaper cake thingy, if boleh i want to do it by end of this month...i emailed you but takda reply T___T (but i emailed pasal tailor lah tapi, teeeheee) my email's

  5. kat mana leh beli hot roll tu? i x pernah jumpa pon..sedapnyer nampak

  6. Congrats..i can see that u dah berjaya upload pics..:) and pekasam is awesomeness..perah limau nipis...goreng bwg and cili padi sket...marbeles..adoi...



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