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Irfan nak adik???

I never thought the day would come.

But it did yesterday. After all the TANDA-TANDA BESAR that has been shoved into my face, I finally forced myself to potty trained the little guy! Yerp, I finally did it, and so far I think we've made good progress.

Day one; the morning went excellent for both of us with no accident at all. Then in the evening when I let him watch Dora and Diego on the desktop, he did his big business right there and then! One medium-sized kaya ball stinky taik kambing bulat-bulat! I would've taken the picture for you guys to see if I myself wasn't too disgusted by it! Hahahaha!

Then today, day 2, the big business accident was worse! Well, just a tiny ball of the stinky mess roll out of his pyjamas pants. The rest were contained in it. But I think you can imagine the horror when it was all meshed up in the pants..and..well..I shall omit the details before you guys start vomiting your isi perut out! Hehehe!

And then there was little accident after that too with him telling me that he needed to potty exactly one second before he actually peed on the floor. My bad because between preparing lunch and eating it, I forgot to check with him whether he needs to go to the loo or not.

I would say that the trick to a successful potty training is most importantly, to wait for the signs that your kiddo is ready to be trained! Like mine did. Then, parents' determination is another key to make it successful. Aaaaaaaaaaand, never ever expect to have an accident-free training as it would only frustrates you when they make a mess out of it.

Me. How am I coping with it?

I am sooo amazed with myself for not being angry with him, even for once during these whole process. YET! But it's just so tiring when I have to rush between house works and tending to the little guy every 15 minutes or so that by 10pm last night, I was already knocked out beyond my control! That's like a world record for me as normally during that time I would still be watching TV or surfing the net. Seriously, penaaaaaaaaaattttt!

But I'm determine to fully toilet trained the little guy, at least during the day. Because as I told the big guy, by hook or by crook, he needs to be potty trained before I would even think to give him any adik soon.

So Irfan, do you want ADIK or not?!?!?!?!?


  1. kahkahkahkah... irfan, lekaihhhh.. mak hang dah bagi signal tu...

    for me, dah berapa kali train tapi last2 mak si eesya yg give up sbb tak larat.. wahaha.. eesya kalau mandi time, boleh jer buat bisnes dlm toilet... selain tu, masih perlu digilap skillnya.. :p

  2. mmg penat skit bai...dlm seminggu dua.
    lps tu, dah boleh relax baaaanyakkkk.
    poket pun xlah berlubang sgt.

  3. huhuhu...mmg PENAT!!!! till now kita still kena kejut sarah every few hours coz dia dah malas nk bangun kdg2 sndiri..main lepas jadinya tido pun seringggggg tak ckp..tak leh wat pe kan huhuhu....

    cepat2 irfan..kang tk dpt adik hikhikhik :)

  4. aqid tak nak duduk kat potty tu.dia prefer duduk kat toilet bowl macam orang besar.

  5. u pregnant ke?? waaa~ nnti irfan jd abang dh..

    i taktau la bile time I potty train Arsyad nnti.. for sure penat jgk!! Aaarrgghh~ terpaksa jgk lalui.. huhu~

  6. bottle dah wean off dah ... potty trained almost d ... i guess u are almost soooooooooooooooooooooo ready ... seronok nyerrrrrrrrr!!!! heheheh

  7. baizurah.. i cerita jangan jeles tau.. hehehe..

    sofea dah boleh naik n turun dari jamban duduk tu sendiri.. hehehe..

    biasanya dia amik potty dia tu.. buat panjat.. dah siap projek.. dia turun sendiri.. n try to flush.. tapi biasanya tangan dia tak kuat nak flush..

    ibu cuma datang untuk cuci berak dia sahaja.. ngiahaahaha.. best tauu..

    (( almaklum.. ibu dia memang super duper malas punya kaki.. so.. anak kena pandai pandai sendiri.. ngiahahahahaha.. ))

  8. beshnyeee i saling tolak menolak dgn papi hahahah bukan sami tak ready, we all yg tak ready kahkahkahkahkah.. tunggu la next month

    last 2 days papi tnya sami 'sami nak adik tak?'
    'taknak' sami jwb confident. patu mlm nye papi ade ckp 'sami kan dh bigboy..' 'sami taknak big boy.. sami baby..' amik ko hahhahahah



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