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Duit Nuffnang nak beli apa?

I'm sure many many of you bloggers out there yang dah pernah cash out your Nuffnang earnings, tak? It's the first time for me, biasa lah blogger picisan katanya. Haha! Initially, I wanted to wait until at least my earnings could get me an LV or Channel, but then I had a second thought. What if throughout the process of earning THAT much, which could take hundreds of years I might die before I get to taste my duit hasil titik peluh blogging. So in the end I thought, takyah panjang cerita, cash out ja lah!

I am yet to receive it, as it would take about a month for the cheque to arrive, isn't it? Anyway, I plan to buy a makeup, foundation/compact to be exact; with that money. I have yet to find one that makes me look good in them, most that I've tried makes me look either like tepung gomak or cakey. So after googling for a couple of days, I'm deciding on either one of the MAC compact foundations, but I can't say if it'll be the best for me as I've no experience in using it.

Though I've got normal skin which used to be soooo.. ehem!..youthful and radiant, (hehe!) but it's aging now. And I can the signs of aging on my skin, like a breakout more regular than before which used to be like once in every 10 years but now it's once every month!!. So I need something that would not trigger regular break outs and stuff like that, you know. Oh, and most importantly, something less than RM200!! Mahal-mahal tak mampu lah ok! Hehehe!

So please, any suggestions ladies?


  1. mac is okie..i guna mac..takpon try chanel..their makeup range pon best jugak...ataupon why not you survey2 dulu..cuba try test..tak kena byr kan??ehhehe :)

  2. beli ja apa2 pun janji bleh nampak cun..hehehehe

  3. well I have tried BB punya moisturizer before and I fell in love with it. WHY??? Cause it instantly removes all of my fine lines and kedut2 especially around my mouth area. My eyes memang sgt kedut so tat is beyond repair la kan ... Planning to start again la insyaAllah by next month ...

    I still love BB punya foundation ... cause it suits my skin tone plus very easy and minimal application ... my foundation has lasted for almost 3 years now.

    Good Luck !

  4. i tak pernah pakai foundation. no time for daily regime: cleanser>moisturizer>make up
    i tak bole comment more about foundation.hehehehe
    teringin nak pakai SKII,tapi rasanya kulit i without SKII pun dah ok kot.

    foundation expired 2 yrs after opening.tak bole simpan lama-lama.

    sharing is caring.

    p/s: i jarang check my nuff acc, tak pernah cash out pun.sbb takde org dtg blogburuk ku itu.

  5. I use mac, the 2-way foundation. Sangat okie. U should try =)

  6. Pasal xkeja kan so I jarang pakai make up.. so xbeli pun yg mahal2... emm tapi org kata good investment.. brg elok bagus tuk kulit...

    cash out?? Wah I sunguh kagum org selalu jek cash out.. I punya xgeraks2 pun duit nuff nang tu...;-(

  7. akak pakai BB compact, setakat ni bagus u..

  8. ok i nk buat confession. sepanjang kat umah u berborak dgn u i dok tgkk aje muka u patu dlm hati menyumpah 'cinabeng ar apesal dia nih lawa sgt!!' muka u mmg muda bergetah ok! yg penting radiant sungguh! cmne la i nk buang polkadot kt muka i nihhhhh

  9. eh how to upload nuffnang punye iklan kat blog...ajar sket boleh? hehe

    btw, go for SK 11 bedak compact...makes yr skin look natural and not like pelakon wayang cina warghaha!

  10. beli la something yg tahan lama.. hehe

  11. beli keta n rumah.....................................................mainan..hokhokhok

  12. wahh! mesti tak sabar nak tunggu check sampai hehe. i heard good reviews for MAC. So what chu waiting for?! Hehe



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