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The day he eliminated the fear!

Ever since the little guy start getting the Spiderman fever, I can see some improvement in his character. When he starts playing the character of Spiderman, he would start wanting to help me with the housework. Ya lah, Spiderman kan suka tolong orang. Hehe. But the most desired improvement that I've seen in the little guy is the bravery part! He used to be and still is a chicken, hehe! But now since we keep telling him that IF he wants to be a super hero, he can't be afraid of things that do not harm him anymore. So I could really seeeeeee that he's TRYING to force himself to be braver. Alhamdulillah!

As I've mentioned before, for some reason the little guy was afraid of balloons. It's a long story anyway. So I was quite impressed that he woke up one fine Sunday morning, and touch the red balloon in my parent's house, told me that he's afraid of it while HOLDING it! And that was the turning point for him to eliminate his balloon-phobia!

So when he put the balloon down and told me again that he was afraid of it, I told him that Spiderman is not scared of balloons! Spiderman lovesssssssss balloon esp the red colored ones because it's the color of his suit. He thought about it for a while, and then much to my joy,  took the balloon into his arm and played with it! Bravo little guy, you have now been promoted to the title of MOMMA'S LITTLE BRAVE SUPERHERO!!!

Ironically, on the same day that he succeed in eliminating his fear of balloon, he developed a fear for his favorite Superhero pulakkk! Hahahaha! Macam-macam tau hang nih Irfan. 

Well, the story goes like this. In the evening, both the big guy and I went out leaving the little guy behind at the PIL's residence. While we were scavenging pressie at Toys R Us for a friend's son, the big guy's eyes got stuck on something that we had been looking for all this while. It's a Spiderman's mask uols! Of course la mak bapak si kenit ni excited gila to get it for our little superhero. But once we got back with the mask, he screamed bloody murder looking at it! Though I could see that he was itchy to play with it, he was still shiveringly scared of it. I seriously don't understand his fear, but I knew it was just psychology. And I knew he really was hoping that he was brave enough to put it on. It was like an internal war between fear and bravery was going inside his head!

So once we were in the car heading to the friend's party, I showed him the many reasons why he shouldn't be afraid of the mask. I kissed the mask, played with it and put it on. After minutes of coaxing, and reverse psychology-ing, he finally managed to get rid of the fear too! Even the big guy was amazed by my coaxing skill, the only thing he managed to blurt out to me at that time was "Good job!!!". Hehehe!

So now, I hope there'll be many more good good influence from the Marvel character in times to come. Wayyy to go MOMMA'S LIL BRAVE SPIDEY!


  1. wahhhh bagus jugak impact superhero ni ye...

  2. wow!! IMPRESSIVE! .. nak try on arees plak ... he obssesed with ultraman kosmos and spiderman ... adoi adoi!! .. he was jumping like spiderman semalam kat gurney tau ... remembered his cousin kot ... =P

  3. hehehehe well done drama mama..:) anyways nape byk sgt benda yang dia takut?

  4. hehe, my son lak obsessed ngan ben 10 and still is smpi baju suar dia bnyk ben 10 punye logo huhuhu

    p/s: gmbr panjat grill pakai spidey mask in his diapers tu yg paling tak tahan tu LOL


  5. sz mass : tu lah. positive jugak. :-)

    papakeechee : hahahahha....dah pengaruh arees lak dia. hiks. nanti can jump together2 k!

    cu734ngel : tah lah. dia ikut i kot...sebab i memang penakut sangat. semua benda i takut. huhuhuhu

    anon : wahhh ben 10 ya. this guy belom masuk phase ben 10. hehehe. haha, spidey saves the world in his diaper! dun play play *lol*

  6. my son suka shaun the sheep.i buatkan mask shaun the sheep tu, tp dia tak nak pakai.i didnt draw it myself, i siap download gambar from the web.nampak sangat mommy dia tak kreatip lgsg.



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