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Binatang-binatang dalam kotak!

When I'm in the mood and rasa rajin nak mengajaq anak, I would take out his flash cards and let the little guy have fun with it. When he was a year plus, I've tried the flash card method with him, but he was too ganas for his own good. He stabbed the cards with pens, scribbled on them and crumpled them up.

So when he got these 3 boxes of yet another flash cards on his 2nd birthday, I decided to keep them until the time he could appreciate it.

And now is the time!

A couple of weeks back, I let him did it freestyle. I mix all the 3 types of flash cards together and asked the little guy to identify the animal cards and  arrange them neatly at one side.

He was able to do it very well! Good job little spidey! Even his daddy was impressed!

Now, I just gotta think of other fun ways to 'play' with these cards. Come on you guys. Let's help me think THINK OUT OF BOX!


  1. mmg impress sungguh i dgn tahap 'kebaruan' cards irfan.. haha..

  2. I'm using this method: Buy flash cards + animal replicas. Then, "Tell ibu which of this animal is this animal (pointing at the flash card) " Waaa...bagusnya share method ajar anak ni...I like I like

  3. ely : hahahah...sebab i sembunyik k! btw, i jugak sangat kagum k bila tengok sammi simpan2 kad tu dalam kotak then letak kat dalam kabinet tu. bila irfan nak buat camtu?!?!?!?!?

    aspen : wahhh....good method tu! nanti nak tiru, thanks for sharing!

  4. i had difficulties to calm lil adam down whenever he sees cards/books. tak dan2 nak turn to the next one.
    so, u can imagine lah kan? i keriau2... or the cards/book dah x rupa asal



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