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Where's the money?

Since raya, I could see that the little guy has begin to understand the value of money. He knows that money can be used to buy stuff, like mercun pop pop, bunga api, Mister Potato and toys. So whenever people give him money, he would be only too happy to keep it in his pocket rather than let us keep it. As he put it "Ni Irfan punya!".

Anyway, this morning the big guy text-ed me asking if I took money from his wallet. Well, sengkek as I might be, I would never take money from his or other people's wallet without ever asking! Takkan ada toyol pulak dalam rumah nih! But the moment the big guy asked, I think I knew who the culprit was as I saw him playing with his daddy's wallet the night before. But it was my bad for letting him played with it, I should have forbade him instead, I know.

So I asked the little guy nicely if he took his father's money last night and he said yes he did! With a straight face of course, as he didn't know that what he did was wrong. So I told him how bad it is to take other people money, not even the coins lying around the house for him to put in his piggy bank. Yes, he loves collecting coins for his piggy bank BUT BUT BUT he needs to ask permission for it first. He can only take them IF people give it to him, because Allah hates theft. Nanti berdosa. Bla bla bla. He seems to understand that it is a wrong thing to do, and seems to accept my explanation quite well, so alhamdulillah.

Then I asked him to go find the money for me, he went to the living room but came back empty handed. Couldn't remember where he put them so I let it be. Later on, while he was playing with his bike, he excitedly pointed at the back basket and told me "Mama, tu duit abah!!!!". And so he took them all and passed it to me with another round of lecture from me. He did nothing but nodded and nodded his head tanda setuju lah dia buat salah kan.

After a couple of minutes, I told him that I'm gonna call his father to tell him that we've found the money. Tetiba he shrieked "takmau!!! don't tell abah don't! pleaseeeee!". Hahaha!Takuuuutttt la pulakkkk! Tsk tsk tsk.

Anyway, these kind of incidents only stress on the fact that to DIDIK anak is such a big responsibility for us parents. We have to be careful so that we could never go wrong in any ways in mendidik them to be good people when they grow up later. I hope mine will be noble dunia dan akhirat, ameen!


  1. alah alah alah...kesian dia....huhu

  2. this is a good one.must remember to teach rafiq this!

  3. hehehe... kesian dia.. tengah main2 tu tak perasan agaknya..

  4. ihiks...btw dia nak buat apa ngan duit abah dia tu?

  5. gadis bunga : hehehe..tu lah tapi kena ajar jugak so that dia faham :-D

    senioritasara : yeah. kids are like kain putih kan..kita kena bentuk dia. :-)

    ayu : hehehee AUNTY ayu menggeleng-geleng kepala :-p

    en me : haa tu pasal dia suka rob abah dia and not his mom. wakakkaka

    lady : ha'ah dia ingat boleh main2 ja kan. hiks

  6. aah kan dear...diorang kadang2 x tahu pon benda tu salah. tugas kita lah kena bagitau diorg waht right and whats wrong..

  7. dear;
    in teaching our little such thing like he/she is to small to understand things that we explain to them...bagus ajr dia dr kecik supaya dia tahu perkara yg betul atau salah...kalu nak tunggu dah besar nnt alamatnya, banyak la pulak soal jawab dr mulut dia...hehehe :)

  8. he he he...comel jer dia amik duit tu n faham dah makna duit tu..

    tp kitalah sbg parents dia kene ajar n bagitau mana betul n mana salahkan..takut jugak dia kat abah dia yer..

  9. aqid pun takut dgn papa dia.sekali papa dia besarkan bijik mata, aqid dah nangis.
    tapi kalau i yang buat,mata aqid akan lebih besar dr mata i.

  10. at least urs listens!! mine still insists on going through my handbag every-time ... sometimes when I give him a dollar he will simpan inside his pants ... yang takde pocket tu ... heheh.. nasib la bukan dlm pampers =P

  11. hahahhaha sami dia xbape kesah kan duit. tapi dgn sore yg mcm makcik2 itu.. 'papi.. bagi la sami duitttt...' ewah

  12. hanim : betul kita la kena ajar kan

    syida : hahaha sama lah. irfan ni kalau mama dia marah, dia marah mama dia balik. tsk tsk

    papakeechee : i try approach to make him understand instead of marah. marah doesn't work on this guy lah. lagi satu i started to explain about the concept of Allah tak suka, Allah marah, we're Muslims tak boleh buat this and that. awal2 he tak faham but lama2 now he seems to understand. u can try methods that u know will work on ur little guy lah :-)

    ely : hahahaha pandai sami! mwahs!

  13. yatie : ya betul!

    working mom :aha...betul la tuh. actually awal2 i ajar tak nampak dia faham but i kept on teaching him. so now dah nampak improvement. :-). thanks anyway for the advice.



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