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Cinta di dalam bilik

I'm pretty sure all of you have seen the Coffee Mate advert on TV, haven't you? The Nota Cinta bits, they're pretty romantic aren't they?

Anyway, last night I was having one of the mood swing and wasn't in the mood to speak to anyone. So I just slouch on the farthest end of the 2-seater couch while the big guy was on the 3-seater one. I was being very quiet and responded to questions from him with mere nods of my head. Then the coffee mate advert came on. In his attempt to drag me out of the dark cloud, he repeated the question asked in the advert, to me : "Sayang, di mana cinta kita?" Before I even had the chance to respond in any ways, I heard a small voice shouting  at the back, "In the room abah, in the room!!!" I was like "What the toooooooooootttt is this guy thinking!!!" while the big guy gedik excited semacam dah, winking to me "OUR CINTA IS IN THE ROOM!!!". But before I could say anything, the little guy repeated "Guitar in the room laaa abah!".

Hahahahahaha!!! Oh little guy, without you around, life will never be as exciting as it is now! Mwahs!!! 


  1. hahahaa..
    sabarr je la...
    sudah ada pakatan rasmi nmpknya antara big guy & little guy!
    mama kena carik geng lain nih...cepatttt! :p

  2. hahaha. kompem kene tambah ahli geng gagak itam pasni!

  3. funny la u lil guy =)

  4. hahahahhahaha i suka la irfannnnn suka suka sukaaaaaa sbb mcm sami hahahahhahaha..kiss kiss

  5. hhaha confident jer dia cakap in the room... :D

  6. hahahha i was thinkg the same as u...
    tgk2 guitar rupe nyeeeeeeeee ;p

  7. hahahahah cebuk je little guy..ehehehehe

  8. wakakakka ... muuuaccckkksss to the little guy for being so cute!!!

  9. baru nak romantic dah ada ord interframe heheh



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