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Hey kid, did your mom never tells you not to play with giant killer robot?

We are both anak-beranak kemaruk watching super heroes in you tube already. With influence from the little guy, I'm suddenly in a dire need of a good dose of superheroes movies. Any of it, tak kisah! He has just rekindled that passion I have for movies of the same genre, X-Men, Transformers segala tu! Tsk tsk tsk. Bad bad influence ini budak kecik!

Oh, just so you know, after watching this video for about 10 times and rewinding the 4/20 scenes for like millions of times, the little guy is now off to fight the bad guys! Oh did I just said bad guys? Not actually, he's off fighting the CURTAINS!!! Hahaha. 'Fighting' with the curtains pun jadik lah since we have no giant killer robots around kan. Heeeeeeeee!!!


  1. hahahah...cute lar, jgn sampai mama punye curtain rabak sudah la... hihihihi :)

  2. Baik awak jage the kitchen utensils.. kang sat gi senduk sumer ilang sb dah jadik super weapon heheheh..

  3. seb baik dia tak ajak bapak dia fight skali

  4. wow... best giler... ade ke sambungan2 nya... hahahahha... now my boy berebut lap top ngan aku ...dia nak watch the vid again...




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