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Adorable 5 y.o Hasya reading Dramama!

I was seriously excited when I read the comment from Mama Hasya saying that her little princess loves reading my blog. Everyday she would ask her mom to open Dramama's blog for her to read, as she has already begin to read at the age of 5! Or perhaps even earlier. Genius girl she is.

Picture cilok from her momma's blog

Btw, here's a special shout out to the adorable princess; I hope she'll read it. "Hello Hasya!!!! *waves frantically* Thanks for reading my blog. You're such a cutie pie. I love reading your mama's blog too as she always have beautiful stories about you! Keep on reading Dramama's blog ok sweetheart. ;-)".

Ehem. Now that I know I've got underage reader reading the blog, perhaps I should be more selective of my words. No more *tooot*tooooot* after this la kot! Let's see if I can do it. Heeeeeeeeeeee!


  1. tahniah ye
    berhati-hati ketika menaip

  2. ah...good reminder. no more tooting okeh! :D

  3. hahahahah congrats..and tapis ur words..:p.. if not i need parental advisory jugak nak bc blog still 16*cough*at heart *cough*..:p

  4. waaaa... peminat cilik... bagusnya... nanti boleh ada blog sendiri plak...

  5. yeah babe!kena tapis dulu ye..jenuh i nak explain to her tau hihi..
    sib baik dia tk pandai nak bukak sendiri your blog ni hihi..

  6. lady : haha peminat kenit hiks

    apiz : insyaAllah :-)

    GB: betul! hehe
    x gak! hahaha

    echa : tu lah. ada potential to be a blogger si kenit nih

    zarin : i will try! insyaAllah. hehehehhe
    cruelangel : amboi! u pun 18s

  7. wah,bestnya!ada peminat yang underage. so this blog kene rate PG la kot?hahahahah



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