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Pappa Rich nyum nyum!

The night before Ramadhan, we thought of having a feast for ourselves. So off we went to  this new place that has just been opened in Penang quite recently, where else but Pappa Rich! Iye, kat Penang baruuuuu nak ada ya! The place was swarmed with people that night that we hesitated whether to eat there or have it elsewhere.

But since the momma put down her feet  and wanted to have it there regardless of what, the big guy agreed. Lest the momma make some drama pulak nanti kan! Hahaha!

We decided to seat outside just in case the little guy throw up again, and boy, we totally made the right decision! Just before we started ordering, the little guy vomited all his isi perut or whatever he had left of it, and cried out so loud that the big guy ALMOST decided to tapau the food and head off to the hospital instead. But somehow, the momma's gluttony prevailed. Hehehe.

Both of the guys just back from the washroom. Haiseh tetiba anak haku half-naked in public, cettt!

I thought the little guy would throw tantrum after the vomit incident, but just as he was walking back from the washroom with his dad, I could see his big fat grin from miles away! Tak macam budak sakit langsung. I guess nothing could kill his happiness for getting to ronggeng outside with his parents that night.

Thanks God for that! If not, I would've missed eating this delicious laksa whatever which is soooo very noodle in my food dictionary and the steamed bread. And the cold cold iced cappuccino that I'm currently drooling over, wishing I could have it for berbuka today. *daydreaming mode*

Right after the dinner, we went to see the little guy's paed and otw back home, he threw up a bucket on his momma. IN HIS DADDY"S CAR! Thank God both parents were very much kenyang perut senang hati, so kami redhaaaaaaaaaaaa saja lahhh nak muntah banyak mana pun Irfan oiiii!


  1. wahh mkn beso.. siannye irfan muntah2.. dh ok tak?

  2. sz mass : kan kannn! nasib tak pakai sepentot saja. haha

    ely : dah tak muntah but now dia diarrhea plak. tsk tsk

  3. alahai..camne leh muntah lak. gi Pappa Rich harus try Milo Dino tau. paling best kalau serbuk milo ditabur byk2..

  4. irfan kenapa? cam teruk jer bunyi 2-3 hari asyik duk throw up... risau sekarang ni ramai anak member2 kena coxsackie laa.. kawasaki laaa.. memacam.. huhu

  5. ala. siannya irfan.. kat mana pappa rich ni bai??? sedap tak?

  6. nice eh??? heheh ... i heard good reviews also but a tad expensive than old town la .. patut pergi berbuka there also nanti ... btw mr Spidy is cute!!!

  7. bai.. give him 100plus..
    it works..

  8. heheh spider man takda seluar ye ni pun byk pappa rich but i tak pernah makan lagi



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